Friday, February 29, 2008

Paying Rent

I managed to lose my checkbook earlier this week. This was bad because I had to pay rent and the end of the month was coming sooner than normal. I had gotten the idea in my batshitcrazy head that the checkbook had fallen in the yarn stash. So I started to organize.

That's the leftovers from the good-good yarn. Notice my bad taste in TV. Yeah, I have no excuse.

This is unused good-good yarn. Ok, there is possibly some ok-good yarn that I have BIG PLANS for in the near future.

This is a pile of active projects and miscellaneous yarn. You can't tell, but there is a system. Any project that I liked enough, I threw into a plastic bag to keep all the supplies together.

I did eventually find my checkbook. It was in my old purse.


jumi said...

I notice that the mittens of madness didn't rate their own plastic bag.

amber said...

Those mittens are the devil.

jumi said...

but they are mmmmalabrigo! and pink!

Anonymous said...
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