Tuesday, March 11, 2008

this is knitting

So, we're on for tonight, right? I have to make fingerless gloves for my little sister. Thank god she doesn't want Fetchings.


jen said...

yes, we are ONNNNN. woot.

i have a sleeve of girl scout cookies i am bringing. trefoils. nom nom nom.

(there, now that i've brought it up i will not be allowed to open it up and start noming on them all day at my desk.)

amber said...

Holy eff! Where did you find girl scout cookies? I must buy some. I've seen hints that they are around, but I have yet to see them in the wild where I can empty my wallet in the face of their deliciousness.

jen said...

at the edina cub on saturday afternoon. i cleaned them out of their thin mints, haha.

jumi said...

oh man - I knew I should have gone grocery shopping this weekend.

I'm in for knitting - esp. if I can borrow tools from Amber.

I'm gonna need to place a knitpicks order soon - anyone care to piggyback?

Anonymous said...
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