Wednesday, July 30, 2008

State Fair Info!

We keep talking about the State Fair. Now is the time to man up.

The general information for entering the 2008 Creative Activities competitions is here. Looks like the deadline for pre-registration is August 5th, and the actual entries have to be in between Sunday August 10th and Tuesday August 12th.

We get the entries back on September 3rd or 4th.

The interesting rules start on page 10 of this PDF. I'm somewhat curious to learn the reason behind Eligibility rule E.

The Hand Knitted Articles category starts on page 19. I think I'll be entering my blanket as a Lap robe (319), and Amber, you should enter your shawl in category 325. Will - I'm thinking that you are going to want to enter the Soft Toys categories 725 or 726 (pg 28).

Don't forget ladies (and gent), The State Fair reserves the right to reject any exhibit offered if it is objectionable in any way. This probably means no boobies, or merkins for that matter.

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