Monday, September 8, 2008

Stupid Sweater Redux

I have a problem.

I am pulling together the pattern for the sweater so I can self-publish it through the ravelry. There has been some interest in the pattern.

I just don't know what (or if) I should charge. I'm not really super at the whole pretty pattern layout thing and I guess I'm bad at saying what my time is worth. Then there is the whole issue of errata and me feeling terrible if I publish a mistake when someone paid cashmoney for the pattern. Not charging would clearly obsolve me from guilt... or something close.

Anyway, either let me know in the comments or I'll be asking your opinions at knitting on Tuesday.


jumi said...

I think that since it's your first pattern (and I assume you don't need the money), I wouldn't charge for this one. What you could do though is suggest that if people find the pattern useful that they make a small donation to, say, your relay for life team for next year (or maybe even to ravelry).

Either way, put a link to the donation page on the details page for the pattern.

socialskillswill said...

yeah, thats nice, but time is money, and so on. i think its ok to charge, lets face it... it may be your first pattern, but it is by no means simple nor basic. people pay for the instructions, not the pretty pictures... but they do like pretty pictures. charge a buck or a donation... make it pdf friendly and request that they give you credit for the pattern if used.

Catie said...
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Catie said...

There are a few of us on ravelry who would totally pay for the pattern. You put so much effort into it and it looks so freakin awesome! In case you missed it (I think Ravelry notifies you when someone links your name and I did in a movies + knitting thread) this is what Birchblanket said:

Without even looking at the pattern yet, yes she should charge.
(Brief exit to look at the sweater) OMG!!! It is gorgeous, beautiful, and I want to sink into it, wrap it around me, snuggle up in it. It will become a classic, I’m sure.

You are right…soooo pretty. Me wants.

And others are willing to pay too. I'm Catiecat over on Ravelry and I'll buy your pattern as soon as you release it even if I don't know when I'll actually knit it.

Catie said...

sorry it posted twice

Mary Neal said...

Yes, you should charge for it! Heck, I'm about as professional as you are at it. Which is to say that I have all of two patterns published. But I did get paid!

NancyLaura said...

I think $5.00 for this pattern is very reasonable. You did a beautiful job! I have been looking for a pattern for any of the sweaters from this movie for a long time, glad someone did it up. On a side note, my husband has his own business making custom furniture, and we did most of the wood furniture you see in "Amanda's" L.A. house. You think I would have an in to where they got those sweaters, but no dice!