Monday, November 3, 2008

Long Shot.

How does anybody feel about knitting at my place tomorrow night? I have coffee, tea, apple cider, and I could make brownies and popcorn or something. Oh, also I have CNN. I'm worried that otherwise, it's going to be a matter of surgical extraction of me from my teevee. (Although I could probably be persuaded to leave my home for a bit to pick up anyone who needed a ride?)

Other possibilities:

1) Y'all will be voting so you won't be able to be at knitting, thereby effectively cancelling knitting this week?

2) Meeting at Dunn Bros for the election-free environment of at least a couple hours (which, sorry guys, I don't think I'll be able to stand the withdrawl; also that is all we are probably going to hear about over there anyway)...



amber said...

I would be down for whatever.

Also, I will be switching to beers if the election goes bad. That'll be easier at a non-Dunn Bros location.

jen said...

(It goes without saying that my home is always a beer-friendly environment, and usually there is other stuff like wine or coffee spikers.)

jumi said...

I was actually wondering if we could get Ben to set up a TV with CNN or something on it (or if he would mind if I brought in a radio blasting NPR).

I'm all for the change of location -- can you email out your address Jen?

socialskillswill said...

i'm not sure i know what to say... i'm having bad flash backs to the last election that seemed unimportant to when you were tuning in or out, because it was not until the next day that things became real... i fear for the worst and hope for the best (go nader!) but either way, does anyone truly think we will know by 9 pm who is to be next prez? well, anyone thats not bush?

Tiffany said...

I'm open to what ever. I am willing to sit and knit in front of a tv or where ever. I can also help carpool.