Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday!

I plan to be at knitting. I hope that you do too.

(and Leslie, we are done with the BSG talk now...it should be safe).


Sassy said...

Well, shoot! Now I'm going out with Lara to help celebrate her getting accepted to all 3 of the grad schools she applied to... We're meeting at 7pm at the Aloft Hotel on Washington. Here's the link: http://www.starwoodhotels.com/alofthotels/property/photos/index.html?propertyID=3074#photo_section_3Link Maybe you want to join us before knitting? Just a thought :)

jumi said...

Knitting only goes 'til 9, so I think I'll pass. Tell Lara congrats for me though!

gallywas said...

Be there!

I could use some knitting time!

Does Amber still have the plague?

jumi said...

Amber just got back from India this afternoon -- so hopefully she doesn't have a new and exciting plague, but I doubt she'll be coming.

socialskillswill said...

im on the fence and most likely not going to make it... lady tron tickets are more important (as is a ride is this shitty weather)