Friday, April 10, 2009

A Modest Proposal

For this year's yarn crawl I propose the following route.

It'll be the reverse from last year. I think it'll be best because then we won't be in the 494/Plymouth/Maple Grove area during rush hour.


jumi said...

I am glad that you did not propose anything that involved eating babies.

This route looks good. Where do you want to meet up?

amber said...

Work, my house, or your house. Any of these are acceptable to me.

Sassy said...

So, you spend hours driving from yarn shop to yarn shop? For what purpose? From what I understand yarn is a lot like crack and people have too much stash as it is :)

jumi said...


Seriously though, the fun is in the following:

1.) playing hooky from work to do something ridiculous (which this is)

2.) going on a road trip, but in the city, so it's not long/boring/annoying like regular road trips.

3.) checking out yarn shops that we don't normally go to. The Twin Cities has a lot of yarn shops, which is great, and each of them has their own charm (or lack there of) so it's nice to see what's available.

The actual buying of yarn is almost a secondary concern. I've got lots of yarn and lots of projects planned already, so I'd have to find something _really_ special to make me spend money.

amber said...

You forgot the part about where everyone who isn't driving gets buzzed on martinis.

jumi said...

That must have been because I was driving last time ^_^

Sassy said...

And when is this sacred event?

amber said...

It's the last weekend in May. I think 29-31. We'd be going on the Friday.