Sunday, June 7, 2009

I just found Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

It's amazing!!

Oh Mr. Fillion... BONUS!

I've been working on my fangly fish aka Angler Fish.

It's going pretty well, now that I know how to "correctly" pick up stiches.

I hope it'll be ready for Tuesday!

See you then?!


Leslie said...

I will be there! Can't wait to see your angler :)

amber said...

I'm going to be there. Also, I have an almost finished new sweater. Because that's what I do.

amber said...

Also, can you all please just watch BREAKING BAD now so we can talk?

jen said...

I am going to take a week off. You guys have fun!

gallywas said...

So I actually suck and forgot I was going to a Saints game...unless it rains. I have been watching Breaking Bad so I'll have you covered Amber.

I will be working on my Angler this week so hopefully by the time I see you again it'll be finsihed!

jumi said...

I'll be there! (I haven't watched breaking bad yet though)

Kathleen Lawton-Trask said...

I recently re-watched Dr. Horrible.

Even though I am not attracted to him, NF may have to be my new celebrity boyfriend, just for his brilliant, brilliant portrayal of arrogant idiocy.