Monday, January 11, 2010

Good news/Bad news

Bad: I must, without question, go to school tomorrow night to pickup my algebra book and then do homework. I cannot attend knitting. Even worse: I have Knit Picks with me and won't be able to drop it off.

Good: I had our Knit Picks order in FOUR DAYS OMG WHOA. And, I will be home ALL WEEK next week. So, if anybody wants to stop by and pick it up... I'll be here.


Cheri said...

But sadness, but joy, but confusion ;) My week is swampo, so I'll just look forward to your shining self next week! I *will* be at knitting, though running a touch on the late side.

jumi said...

Of course, tonight was the night that I'd planned to get there at like 5 so that you wouldn't be all alone for so long :)

Have fun at school lady! I, will also be at knitting.