Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bleak Mid-Winter Knitting?

I need help. I cannot motivate myself to finish my mittens! There is no good reason for it either, they are a perfectly good pair of mittens.

Is anyone going to be at knitting tonight? If the weather turns awful, I may not make it, but I'm punting on that decision right now.



amber said...

I've decided that I can't face another snowmageddon. I'm staying home tonight.

jumi said...

Amber, you realize that by saying that you are pretty much guaranteeing that we won't see more than a half an inch tonight, right?

Either way, I'm 2 feet deep into a take home exam that needs to be handed in in 22 hours, so I'm out for tonight. Next week though!

amber said...

I realize this, but I'm still taking care of some snowbank issues left over from the last snow fall and today is the warmest day of the week.

gallywas said...

I'm here. I'll stay until 8 incase anyone else comes to join me.

Anyone? Bueler?