Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What day is it?

Last week, I remembered on Thursday that I forgot about knitting on Wednesday.

I plan to bring the newest member of our knitting club this evening. We should be there around 7 and we'll see how well he does.

Hopefully I can also employee Chele's Notary skills to sign off of Michael's birth certificate request. (:

See you there?


jumi said...

You had me at "Michael"!

See you tonight.

chele said...

DOH! I can't come, because lately Wednesdays have been "hang out with my long lost but now found niece" day!

She's got about 4 more weeks til she's back at school... so I'm out til then. :(

BUT - Tiffany, send me a note on Facebook and we can find a place to meet up Thursday or Friday evening. I'll bring my notary stamp home from work.

amber said...

Yay! See you in an hour!

socialskillswill said...

I'll be late and noit knitting. But I'll be there!