Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Exciting things!

  1. It's Tuesday, which means we'll be knitting, y/y?
  2. Yarnover is coming up in April, and the deadline for signing up for classes is this week. Amber and I are definitely going, and you should check out the brochure and come with (or at least plan to hit the vendors!)
  3. Knit-Out at the MOA - Feb 14 and 15. This was fun 2 years ago, and hell last year. I'd be willing to try it if we planned on getting there _early_ (like, 9am since they start at 10).
  4. BSG is back to being the best show on TV (says the girl who isn't actually watching any other shows on TV right now, but honestly...what could beat that?)


amber said...

I'm excited! Yarnover. If we sign up for the all-day thing, then we're Guild members or something. Maybe that means I can rent a spinning wheel.

Sheep and Wool can't be that far away. Also, I should pick up the drop spindle again.

jen said...

OMG YARNOVER. This is not helping my resolution to not add to the stash or anything this year! I KNOW if I go there, I will buy yarns.

I am in for knitting tonite. I WILL WATCH THE WEBISODES, FINALLY, PROMISS.

jumi said...


Seriously, there is much about things that went on in the last episode that I am pretty sure you wouldn't understand without seeing them!

So watch them today. Then rewatch the asskicking.