Sunday, February 1, 2009

Something to ponder.

I was recently gifted two skeins of Tilli Tomas worsted silk, about 500 yards. I would like to do some kind of small wrap or larger scarf, preferably lacy. I really like Clapotis but I only have ~half the recommended yardage. So, I'm open to ideas. I don't know, maybe it needs to be a little bag, or a fancy pillow.

I will bring the yarn on Tuesday!

ETA: Ooooh, this might be perfect. I may just get it!


jumi said...

Have you looked at Cozy yet?

It calls for 784 yards, but you could make it a little narrower and it would probably work out.

I'm planning on making one with 500 or so yards of an aran merino/silk blend I'm getting in April.

jen said...

Ahhhh that is really pretty also! So, in theory, I could use bigger needles and do less stitches to get a longer one right? I'm not thinking huuuuge or anything, just maybe size 9s instead of 8s.

amber said...

I've always loved Or by Annie Modesitt.

Basically these are my most favorite patterns. and i fail at links today.

Also, I want your friends. Who gives away Tilli Tomas?