Thursday, October 15, 2009

Following up...

First and foremost - Animal Review on the Deep Sea FanglerAnglerfish

Choice quote:
The Anglerfish is mostly mouth, and the parts of its anatomy that aren’t mouth – tissues, organs, fins, and a couple of eyes just for show – exist only to serve the mouth and move the mouth around.

But really you should read the whole thing (and really everything on Animal Review, because they bring the funny and the educational!)

Secondly - WRT traps and the like:
I was apparently wrong about Admiral Ackbar only saying one line, but it is still true that he only said one line that mattered. Here's youtube of the pivotal scene.

This vid
gives an example of how the good Admiral has generally been abused in popular internet culture.

Finally, I should point you all towards It's the place to go when you hear a reference but have no clue what it means. It, combined with will help you to become hip to all of the current internet hop, without having to go to very bad places like /b/ (no link, because it is a very bad place).

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