Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where does one procure TNG comm badges, anyway?

Knitting is an ultra low-key event tonight, Jumi and Amber are at some kind of game and since nobody else shows up until 7:30 or so, I really do not want to sit there from 4:45 til then with nobody to talk to, except for any characters that show up and talk to themselves and then sort of want to include me on the conversation.

More people next week!


socialskillswill said...

friend in town, not sure i'm going to make it tonight! sorry. this is last minute for me too. was unaware that she was going to be here today.

gallywas said...

Ironically I have been here since 445 but need to leave by 715. Finished my fish. Http://www.twitter.com/gallywas

I am gonna head out. Have a great week everyone!