Wednesday, July 25, 2007

o ravelry. +caribou

i'm #197 on the ravelry invite list. just sayin'.

so, last night jumi and i met at the caribou on lexington & grey fox. cons:
  • no Ben
  • no Will
  • is inherently less cool than the 612
  • jerkass middle-aged dude who was interviewing a lady for some type of school athletic team, who sat way too close to us and divulged way too much personal family drama and school political drama.

  • suitably cute & enthusastic Ben replacement
  • less driving for both of us, we're saving the environment!
  • better baked goods
  • i think the chairs are a bit comfier?
  • plentiful parking
  • jerkass middle-aged dude who provided the lulz

also i learned how to yarn-over, and then two hours later i learned how to properly count my yarn-overs. awesome.


jumi said...

you will die of awesome once you get into ravelry!

Is it mandatory that all coffee shops have at least one cute/enthusiastic male barista on every shift?

jen said...

no but it SHOULD be. that coffee shop has no male baristas at all during the day. not that i've noticed, anyway.

i'm currently dying of woe because i forgot my project at home and really wanted to work on it during breaks today.

jumi said...

you know double ewe yarn is just a few miles north of here on lexington, right?

you can go buy a NEW project :)

jen said...

oh NOES. i wish i woulda remembered that before i punched out, went to nuke my frozen lunch, and found someone stole it! jerk. then i wandered around my parking lot all emo because i had no lunch.

i coulda gone SHOPPING. damnit.