Friday, July 20, 2007

Some things

1.) I'm #336 in the list to get into Ravelry. I'm hoping that means I'll be in by next week. Aren't you jealous?

2.) You've probably heard about this, but Team Boobylicious is doing a silent auction in mid-August. They are looking for donations of handmade items, so if you've got anything that you made, but don't necessarily want to keep for yourself, please donate! I'm using it as a stashbusting adventure, so I'll be giving them my finished Unbiased (once I get around to lining it), a beanie that I'm making, and a scarf I just started with a skein of malabrigo that I loved in the store but I'll never wear.

3.) Who's going to Stitch'n'Pitch on Sunday? I betcha that there's still tickets available!


amber said...

It's going to be forever until I get into Ravelry. So I'm totally shoulder surfing once you get in. It'll probably go live before my number comes up for beta testing.

amber said...

Update: OMG, there are 9000+ people ahead of me. Jen is in the 700s.

jumi said...

I told you you should have signed up earlier.

jenni said...

i'm still madly in love with ravelry. it makes me a total knitting nerd, though. i think about it way too much.

thank god i still know how to party.

jen said...

OH HAY... i've got 456 peoples in front of me now. awesome.