Thursday, August 2, 2007

My hands are broken

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This is a grocery bag. I made it in a cotton-linen blend. 160 yards later, my hands hurt and the bag was done.

I cursed out this bag's existence the entire time I made it.

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So I casted on another grocery bag. This time made of recycled sari silk.

Jumi warned me about sari silk. I didn't listen. It's difficult to work with. It breaks. It's over-twisted. I kept knitting. I had allergic reactions to the yarn if I rubbed my eyes after working with it. I kept knitting. It hurt my hands. I kept knitting.

When I came near the end of the bag, I ran out of silk. I ripped out a couple of rows and re-knit. I ran out of silk again before I was finished.

Jumi bailed me out and gave me some of her left over silk. Bag finished.

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More cotton linen blend. Could it be another grocery bag?

Please, someone stage an intervention.

1 comment:

jumi said...

don't you need a nice dishcloth?

This one is even geeky.

At the very least try a different mesh bag pattern.