Friday, August 10, 2007

Yarn Store Report - Beyagi

I meant to post this on Monday, but completely forgot...oops!

This past Sunday, I undertook a Stash Enhancement eXpedition to Beyagi, a beads, yarn, and gift store in Little Canada. Given that yarn is only one third of their mission, I wasn't expecting to find much, but they where having a 40% off everything sale, and I had a number of things on my knitting shopping list so I checked it out.

I have to say i was pretty impressed. The store is small, so their selection isn't huge, but what they did have was high quality, and unique. For example, they had King Tut egyptian cotton which I had seen online but hadn't run into in person yet. They also have a pretty good selection of every type of Debbie Bliss yarn that I'm aware of in a number of colours.

Price-wise, they were about average for what I've seen in the Cities, but the 40% off certainly helped me make a few decisions. All in all, I walked out with about $80 worth of stuff for under $50. The owner was super nice, and they are raising money for the breast cancer 3-day (the owner's partner is walking this year).

Will I go back? Well, it's not that far from work which is nice, and I always get stupidly happy whenever I go to Little Canada (flags! everywhere!), but, due to the small selection, I don't know that it will be my go-to shop for most things. If I'm looking for something unique that I haven't been able to find thus far, I'll definitely check them out again.

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