Thursday, August 16, 2007


spinning wheel

In my defense, it was cheap at a garage sale right near my house, and I had the day off. You're supposed to garage sale on your days off, right?


jen said...

OH MY GUS I AM COMING OVER RITE NOW TO USE IT. I mean... Wait, what do you do with it, exactly? It looks cool anyway.

And yes, day off = garage saleing.

amber said...

holy hell, jumi jum. i got your picture of the coon rapids yarn. if i had known what kind of day you had planned... well, i still would've ridden segways all over minneapolis, but i would've at least been hesitant about it.

jumi said...

Actually, I got the spinning wheel on Wednesday, the thursday adventure was to all about yarn to see if they sold roving. That mission was not a success, because all I saw was little balls for needle felting and then I saw that they had Online Linie 194 (that ruffle stuff) for 50% off and it was all over.