Sunday, November 11, 2007

2 knit, not to K

wont make it this week peeps, sorz. friend has a birthday party, so i got to do that. but i will bring my dolls the next time. yay!


amber said...

I can't knit either. Exam week. No fun allowed.

jumi said...

gah! we're dropping like flies here people!

if this keeps up, I'm going to move knitting to Blaine.

jen said...

sadly, i'm out too this week. chris begged me to go with him to the eye doctor. he hasn't been in years. then he further bribed me with promises of pot roast for dinner. sry2say, pot roast > decaf.

NEXT WEEK? I hope so! I refuse to work ANY overtime next week.

jumi said...

when you add in my current migraine (the interwebs, they hurt, but they are so much fun), I think I'll just tell Josh to go over to Chrissy's house and they can knit there.