Wednesday, November 28, 2007


help! ok, i need to find a nice pair of gloves to knit for a lady friend. they need to be long tho. and have fingers. any ideas?


jumi said...

you know what's funny, all day I've been thinking about making a pair of gloves for myself.

I decided on the Unisex Gloves in the book One Skein (which I have).

You can see pictures of them here. I'll bring the book next week.

The cool thing is that the cuff should be easy to extend by adding a repeat of the cable pattern.

socialskillswill said...

this looks good. i guess im gong to keep looking, or perhaps make a cable of my own design. is that hard to do? ie, how well does a cable work into ribbing? will it effect the overall stretch or useability? eep! g-love is hard some times...

amber said...

Cables are pretty easy.

There is less stretch to them than ribbing, but they are also warmer.

I have some books that I can bring on Tuesday if you want.