Friday, November 2, 2007

NaKni Reality Check

Even though I'm cheating, and just finishing a sweater that I have already knit 6" on, I think this is going to be tough.

Based on the calculations that I made yesterday, I needed to knit ~11 rows per day to finish on time. This doesn't sound like much, but with 200 or so stitches per row, I think I'm going to be a candidate for arthritis by the time this is over.

ETA: RAVELRY QUEUE CALL-OUT: Jen, didn't you say you weren't going to make any more Bad Jujus?


amber said...

I have almost 200 sts per row on the cobblestone.

Basically I'm dying. But I'm at 5 inches now. In another 6 feet or so I'll be at the armpits...

jumi said...

yeah, but you are knitting in the round.

Also, no sleeves.

amber said...

The cobblestone is amazing. It'll have next to nothing for finishing work. I'm tucking ends in as I go.

And I'm sure you could find a boyfriend to knit for who doesn't need sleeves if you really tried.

jen said...

Yeah, I said that. Unfortunately, Chris's mom wants one and I am out of spares, so I have to make another one.