Wednesday, November 14, 2007

dog me

does anyone know when you slip the first sts of a row in stockinette, you do it knit wise, but do you also slip it knitwise on the second row? or purlwise?


jumi said...

I still have yet to get this particularly right, but I believe that you slip knitwise, but always keep the yarn working yarn on the "inside". So, if you are about to knit, slip knitwise with the yarn in back. If you're about to purl, slip knitwise with tye yarn in front.

amber said...

Weird, maybe I've been doing this wrong all along. When I slip the first stich of a row, I never do it knitwise. I could see the benefit of doing it knitwise (you'd get that extra twist in there, right?)

However, I always keep the yarn where it would've been if the plan was to knit or purl the stich (knit=yarn in back, purl=yarn in front)

Another edging technique (I think I read it in SnB) was to slip the second stitch of every row. I've never tried this technique, so I can't vouch for it.