Monday, October 22, 2007

Elizabethan doll

Originally uploaded by jen.fotos

What is this again, an Elizabethan zombie? I forget. Anyway, it is being crocheted on-the-fly by the ├╝ber talented Will. It is totally adorable. (There is another photo at my flickr site.)

I'm out for FightKnitting this week, for many many reasons including but not limited to finances, contacts to pick up, PMS, and David Boreanaz in geek glasses.


jumi said...

I'm pretty sure that Will is out this week too.

I'm leaning towards cancelling because both Amber and I are kinda busy this week.

jen said...

oh rite, will is in Hawaii.

Excuse me, I have to cry over the fact that I am not in Hawaii.

amber said...

knitting = cancelled.

Life will be so much easier if we just don't this week.

Also, that doll is adorable.

socialskillswill said...

sorry im not going to be there. plus, im actually homeward bound today! (its 7 pm here) see you in two weeks?