Saturday, October 6, 2007

hats off

so, like now i have most the hat done, but im making it knit2 purl2 ribbing, right, so like, anyone have ideas on how to finish the top? like knit 2tog? im drawing a blank.


jen said...

i've yet to do a hat, but that's what i always did with the heads of Bad Juju. just k2tog until there are a few loops left. thread tail through the remaining loops, secure.

welcome, by the way!

amber said...

Here's what I normally do for hats with worsted weight yarn if I have 100 sts.

row 1: *do 8 stitches in established pattern, k2tog*. repeat until row is complete. If p2tog looks better, do that.
row 2: do row in established pattern.

you keep repeating these two rows. Every time you get to a decrease row, you knit one less sts until the k2tog. so row 3: *do 7 sts, k2tog* row 5: *do 6 sts, k2tog* row 7: *do 5 sts, k2tog*

When you finally get to 10 sts on your needles, thread the yarn through the loops and pull tight.

socialskillswill said...

thanks dudes! i dont have anything to work on, i did it all during work, so i'll be late (i gots to get my stuff!!)