Monday, October 29, 2007

Jumi + Crazy Aunt Purl = Pix


This is the picture that I took with Laurie's camera. It was funny how Jumi and I never fail to be socially awkward. It seemed like I spent a substantial portion of time in line begging Jumi not to make me show Laurie the sweater I was making (I was working on the fair isle part during the reading). As per my normal behavior, I did not speak during the meet & greet because everyone must've already asked her any question I could've come up with. What was I supposed to say? If you could be any type of furniture, what would you be and why???


jumi said...

I totally should have made you show her. You wouldn't even have had to ask questions, she just would have been in awe.

amber said...

In awe? More like "why are you showing me this?"

I may be biased though. I can only see mistakes in the sleeve.