Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We are knitting, ja?

Dunn Bros, 7 PM, yyy?

I haven't seen Ben in weeks.


jumi said...

fo' def' sure.

Tonight is going to be teaching night as Josh obtained needles and yarn from Jo-ann last night.

socialskillswill said...

oh snap! were on, good! i had no idea. say, can someone tell me where to get cheep nylons?

amber said...

Will! I haven't seen you in forever! You're probably tan now.

Anyway, maybe Jen knows about nylons. I consider her to be the token girl of our group.

jen said...

SRY2SAY I only wear tights because nylons snag and run like a mofo on me, especially since I work in a plywood cube farm. Hmm, cheap nylons.... maybe Walgreens?