Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Certifiable and linkolicious.

I was informed last night that I am DOING IT WRONG. Wrong, basically, in that there is a right and wrong way to position the Union Jack. So I have spent the morning hurting my brain a lot in Illustrator, with a lot of little square boxes and lines and stuff, but I've managed to do some serious correction to the flag pattern and I think it is much more awesome. Especially when done in my preferred reverse colors. Click.

And yarn! This is the yarn I was thinking of. It is fingering weight, which is very very very thin. But also probably closer to the original weight of the recommended yarn. This yarn is also machine washable, mostly natural, and cheap. Total cost: $32.90 for the whole sweater. DO WANT! So, yes Jumi, I will be jumping in on a knitpicks order with you. Just tell me when!


jumi said...

Wow, I didn't realize the the lines on it were so wonky - I'll never be able to look at that flag again without getting dizzy. Yay! for you for taking the time to get it right.

I'm thinking of waiting until 9/30 to place my knitpicks order because then I will know what my raverlry swap pattern wants. However, if you really want stuff quick-like, I could probably be convinced to order moar blanket yarn sooner....arrr!*

*Ob pirate speak

jen said...

As much as I want to get started on this right away, I will wait til 9/30 because then at least I can attempt to get sweater #1 done. That is only a week and a half away! I CAN DO EET. eeek.

amber said...

That's amazing. I'm excited to see the new sweater. Maybe someday I'll have the gumption to finish a whole sweater like that. But seriously, I'm proud of you for attempting a project this huge.