Tuesday, September 18, 2007

tonight = on

Who's in?

Also, is it really learn to crochet night? I brought a hook and some very very bright acrylic yarn.

I may be finishing the hat made of the purple/pink/grey alpaca. I realize I just bought the yarn last FightKnitting and I have a load of projects I said I would finish before then. In my defense, there was a cold snap and a nice fall hat seem justified.


jumi said...

I'm in.

I'm planning to start my stole tonight, but if that defeats me (which is likely) I have my blanket and my purse to work on.

Too many projects? Moi?

Remind me to tell you about the wondrous horror that is S.R. Harris.

jen said...

I will be there! I am 98% less sicky gross, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine.

I have been slacking on London Calling. Need to pick up momentum again.