Tuesday, September 25, 2007

finishing class

hey dudes, i'm still going to post here even though i never make it to knitting anymore.

i went to bella lana yesterday and i'm madly in love with it. they offer a bunch of classes, but i'm really interested in the finishing class. she was telling me that she'll teach us a crochet technique; she never binds off or sews anymore. since i hate finishing most, i'm pretty interested in that.

it's offered two dates: wednesday, 10/10 or 11/7, 6-8pm. it's $15 and limited to 6 people. the shop is up northeast behind whitey's. it would be suitable to go there for a drink afterward, i believe. anybody interested?

other classes on their list:
new knitters, $25 for 3 sessions
knitting your first sweater, $45 for 6 sessions
beginning crochet, $45 for 5 sessions
knitting in the round, $25 for 2 sessions
xmas stocking, $45 for 5 sessions
knitting clinics, $10 per session


jumi said...

that sounds like fun, I've been looking for a finishing class. Want to try for the 10/10 one?

We miss you @ knitting you know.

amber said...

This could be a lot of fun. I don't know if I'll have anything to finish at the finishing class. Unless I crank out another BSJ.

We do miss you at knitting!

jenni said...

dammit, i just realized that's our 11monthiversary. i have to celebrate! can we go for the november date instead?

amber, she said you should just come watch if you wanted to. if i don't have anything to finish, i think i'm going to just knit up a couple swatches and not bind them off, so i can crochet them together.

jumi said...

November works for me too, but it is _so_ far away.

amber said...

November would be amazing because then I'd have a substantial portion of my mitten exchange mittens done. I plan on knitting them flat. So finishing class would be well timed.

jenni said...

let's go with the november class, then!