Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Due to the startling revelation that I am the only one who immediately loses ball bands after bringing yarn home, I am on a quest to find out who made that sock yarn.

It involves going through 27 pages of yarn on ravelry that is approximately the same weight. Also, let's hope that my assessment that it's cotton is correct. I need to know what this yarn is now. The yarn shop I purchased it at is in Milwaukee. I refuse to call. That's admitting defeat.

EDIT (FOUND IT!):Plymouth Sockotta Sock Yarn Fair Isle Effect

Ball Bands Be Damned! (I'm not even sure what that means. Whatever, I mock you ball bands)


jumi said...

From the way it knits up, it looks to me like Fortissima, but I can't find the same colour on their website.

jumi said...

Trying to fix this link.